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   Music for Brass Ensemble

Please note - there are always 2 sets of parts for the Horn music:

one for French Horns in F, and one for Tenor Horns (Alt Horn) in E flat.


These pieces were specially arranged for the Brass Scholarship pupils who had been playing for just 5 months, and needed interesting ensemble music with a very restricted range. 
The top part is for Trumpet,
the middle for French Horn or Tenor Horn in E flat 
and the bottom part is for Euphonium.
The rehearsal numbers are to allow tutti and solo lines,
 as young players can't play without rests.
So you might play just the odd-numbered lines
with your partner playing the even lines,
or you might drop out for lines 3 & 4. 
Experiment and be creative! 

9 Easy Brass Trios

for 2 Trumpets & Horn

(Grade 2 / 3)


Beethoven Sonatina - 1st Movement

Beethoven Sonatina - Romanze 


This 2 movement Sonatina was originally written for Piano,

and here is arranged for 2 Trumpets, 2 Horns and Euphonium.



If your available lower instruments are different,

it is easy to transpose new parts to suit what you have.

For example, Trombones could replace the Horn parts. 



 for 2 Trumpets, 2 Horns and Euphonium 


 for Trumpet, Horn & Euphonium


for 2 Trumpets, 2 Horns and 2 Euphoniums
In memorium Emily Wilson, who loved this tune  



Pieces from Album for the Young Op.68



 All these pieces are for 2 Trumpets, Horn and Euphonium


 Soldiers' March


The Poor Orphan


The Wild Horseman 


The Merry Peasant


Spring Song


First Loss







for 3 Trumpets, Horn & Euphonium 
A lively madrigal from the time of Queen Elizabeth I.


If you would like all of our music for Brass Ensemble

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