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         Violin  Music

Here are some of our favourite violin pieces.

The Grades are only intended to give a rough guide to the standard required.                    

Print and play along!


KSM Little Book of Duets

The Melody part of these 6 little duets are all suitable for pupils in their 1st year.

Each melody has one Duet part with lower notes, and another with higher notes. These Duet parts are more difficult to play than the melody.

Grade 1

Elgar - Andante Op.22 No.1          notes   

                                                               mp3 - accompaniment only        

Grade 2
Chedeville - Gavotte            notes           mp3


Rameau - Rigaudon            notes          mp3 - slower                                                               mp3 - quicker
grade 3

Offenbach - Barcarolle        notes               mp3


Dvorak - Humoreske            notes               mp3 


Tchaikovsky - Chanson Triste notes            mp3


Tchaikovsky - Daydreaming notes               mp3         

                                                        mp3 - accompaniment only 

Vivaldi - Concerto in G Major - 1st mvt       notes       mp3 - slow     med. slow     med. quick     quick 


Scott Joplin - The Entertainer                mp3 - slower


Mendelssohn - Spring Song                notes      mp3

grade 5

Handel - Sonata in A - Finale     

part 1 - slow             part 2 - slow

part 1 - medium        part 2 - medium

part 1 - quick            part 2 - quick




Golliwog - Mid
Violin playalong (Debussy - Golliwogs Cake walk)

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